My Story

I often hear yoga teachers speak about how their introduction to yoga came as children having grown up doing gymnastics or dance classes. This was not the case for me. My journey into yoga came in adulthood so I know exactly how it feels to be a "beginner" going to classes, struggling, thinking to myself "I'll never be good at this"


This led me to Sivananda yoga in London. Through Sivananda, I met some amazing teachers and before I knew it, not only had I completely fallen in love with the practice of yoga, but my meditation practice improved significantly. Whereas, before I had struggled to quieten my mind now I was doing it as part of my daily yoga practice and what a difference it has made. My health improved ten-fold, and I became happier and less stressed in a relatively short space of time. But most importantly, the more time I spent with my teachers the more I realised that I wanted to help others in the way Sivananda had helped me.

 I decided to leave behind my life in London and headed to Bali to begin my yoga and meditation teacher training. However, as a teacher I didn’t want to limit myself by only teaching classical Hatha Yoga. I enjoy many different styles of yoga and I wanted to have the freedom to teach various styles while bringing the classical principles of yoga and meditation into my own teachings. Therefore, I decided that the best school for my foundational teacher training would be the Sadhana Yoga School. They taught not only Hatha from the Sivananda tradition but Vinyasa Flow from the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition. This was the ideal combination for me.


I started doing yoga in my twenties. For years I had an on and off practice, never really sticking to any class or particular style, and it’s fair to say I wasn’t exactly passionate about yoga.  Like most people I was only attending yoga classes here and there in order to become “flexible," however, I saw little to no success. In fact, yoga didn’t really become a passion of mine until a few years ago when I started taking it more seriously; after I woke up one day and realised I could barely walk which was due to a prolonged issue with my hips and general mobility. I was fortunate, as after a few months of physiotherapy, the problem with my hips seemed to ease, however I felt scared at the prospect that one day, I may end up needing a hip replacement  if I didn’t swiftly take action. I decided it was time to go back to basics and really dedicate myself to the classical teachings of yoga. Not realising at the time how this one small decision would completely transform my life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; in just a few short years. 


I believe everything happens for a reason and I honestly think that something drastic had to happen in order to force me to take action and change the trajectory of my life.


My passion as a yoga teacher is to help as many people as I possibly can to be healthy and happy in body, spirit and mind. In my classes we will have fun as a team, stretch and strengthen our muscles, while learning to breathe and smile through it all. My goal is to create a welcoming environment, so instead of worrying about what other people are doing or stressing about things outside of our control, we can come together as a community, forget the outside world, and instead dedicate an hour of our time cultivating mindfulness into our practice, which we can then bring into our daily lives to become happier, healthier and more energetically balanced. 

Through my teachings you will become strong, flexible and more energetically-aligned. 

"Manny was a great instructor! from the soothing voice of her instructions to the precision of

posture that she guided the class, everything was on point.

She was patient and has great vibes about her. I absolutely highly recommend Manny and

would go to her class in a heartbeat"

Wanto Wijaya