Practicing Yoga

Workplace Wellness

Looking to offer a corporate wellness programme to your employees?

Are you an SME and wondering how you would benefit, or justify the cost of such an initiative?


Did you know, according to the Health & Well-being at Work Survey 2020, which was conducted by CIPD, it was found that some of the most common causes of long-term absence relatedto Mental ill health (59%) and Stress (46%). This is an increase from a study conducted in 2018/19, which found that 44% of work-related sick days were due to stress, depression, or anxiety, and 54% of all working days were lost due to ill health.

Yoga has been well documented for providing a multitude of benefits to those who practice it. However, in relation to the above mentioned studies, yoga is known to reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. At Metta Flow, way we focus on strengthening the body and mind. In time, employees learn to develop the inner calmness which will help them when faced with tense or stressful situations. This is absolutely key to maximising efficiency in the workplace.


According to the 2020 survey, mentioned above the top three benefits of employers increasing their focus on employee well-being is:

  • Better employee morale and engagement

  • A healthier and more inclusive culture

  • Lower sickness absence


Wellness programmes also have a positive impact on intermediate and bottom-line benefits. PricewaterhouseCoopers research, commissioned by Health Work Wellbeing Executive found a “positive link between the introduction of wellness programmes in the workplace and improved business key performance indicators”, such as:

  • Reducing number of sick days

  • Reducing staff turnover by 20-25%

  • Reducing the number of accidents and injuries which saw a reduction in insurance/civil claims and/or savings on insurance premiums

  • Increasing employee satisfaction

  • Reduction in time dedicated to managing sickness absence, employee disciplinary procedures or injury investigation

  • Improvement in company profile/external reputation which helps to attract and retain quality staff and raise public profile

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased competitiveness and profitability

  • Reduction in employee fatigue

  • Improved health and welfare of employees such as diet, exercise and general well-being


A regular session of yoga, meditation and mindfulness really does demonstrate that you are truly invested in your staff and their well-being. This is essential to maintaining high performance standards and reducing the number sick days. I will work with you to tailor-make a wellness programme specifically to meet the needs of your staff. I offer group yoga or meditation sessions incorporating mindfulness techniques which will benefit your employees both in and out of the workplace, whether it’s by reducing the effects from sitting at a desk all day or finding time for some much needed relaxation and stillness. All sessions can be held online and in-person (if permitted).   


If this sounds like something your business will benefit from, please use the link below below to arrange a free consultation and a no obligation quote