Think meditation is not for you?

Do you find it too challenging and give up easily?

My journey into meditation began back in 2014 when I first came across meditation apps. I had been travelling around New Zealand for a month and was about to head back to London so decided it would be the perfect time to start learning to meditate. Now, I’m not exactly sure of what I was expecting from trying to sit in stillness for ten minutes every day. But I remember being disappointed that nothing "magical" had happened after the ten minutes were up. It took me three days before I decided that this whole “meditating” thing wasn’t really for me. However, it didn’t take long before I was back in London and completely stressed out of my mind. Within a month I decided to try it again. This time I forced myself to do it every day for ten days. Why ten days? That’s how long the free trial was for!

Plain and simple!

This time I succeeded so naturally I decided to invest in the app and became a dedicated meditation practitioner. Even working up to sitting in stillness every day for twenty minutes. This lasted for the better part of a year before life got in the way and my meditation practice took a back seat until eventually I had forgotten it all together.

 But the universe works in mysterious ways! And it wasn’t long afterwards that my hips started giving me issues eventually leading to that fateful day when I woke up and realised I could barely walk!


Had I not completely dedicated myself to yoga it would probably have taken me a very long time to get back into meditation. In yoga we learn to connect the breath, body and mind. And hatha yoga is a great prerequisite to mediation as it really does train the mind to sit in silence with the applications of Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (Concentration) and Dhyana (Detachment). Delving deeper I took the time to become more knowledgeable about mindfulness and various mediation techniques as I knew I wanted to share these teachings with my students

Meditation isn’t something you learn to do in a day or a few weeks. Like everything in life it takes time and consistent effort but it is a skill that can be learnt at any stage of your life and at any age. It has the power to transform your life for the better. This is why I have made mindfulness such an integral part of my teachings.

Our thoughts become things so we must learn to master them.